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Many people are unaware of the difficulties in maintaining a comfortable temperature in their homes. This may be due to inefficient and / or improperly installed windows and doors. Heat may be escaping through the seals of the windows and doors or the windows themselves may be allowing heat loss.

Improve Windows & Doors offers a number of new products that promote a more energy efficient retention of the warmth or cool of a home’s interior. As an industry leader in providing them for homeowners in the Toronto area, we’re eager to share our expertise in energy efficiency with our GTA clients.

Vinyl windows provide a superior degree of insulation compared to wood, aluminum or fiberglass models. When paired with double-paned glass their efficiency is enhanced even further. They are in fact not more expensive than conventional windows, and individuals who choose to employ them in their homes will recoup replacement costs easily in no time with reduced energy costs for acclimatizing their home.

Improve Doors & Windows only uses the best products in the industry. Our suppliers manufacture state-of-the-art doors and windows for replacement, renovation and new-construction projects.

Our Products & Suppliers

Improve Doors & Windows

We are proudly associated with the best of the best doors and windows manufacturers in Canada.

With well over 100 combined years of design and manufacturing, our suppliers are always ready to get you what you want at a fare price.

The following is a list of our supplies. Please check out their websites for more details on their offerings.

Cobra Doors 2000 Ltd.

Cobra Doors 2000 Ltd.

Cobra Doors 2000 Ltd. was established to provide high-quality entrance door systems with long lasting performance. It was projected and developed by professionals in the door industry who are aware of the demands in adverse winter conditions. Cobra Doors 2000 Ltd. is a well known and respected company offering top quality durable products and prompt professional customer service to all of our customers. Our customer service and technical support staff at the factory ensure the best possible service starting from project development and planning to order placement, manufacturing, and follow-up.

Visit: CobraDoors.com

Cobra Doors Quality

Cobra Doors 10 Year Warranty

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Available Styles

Cobra Styles

The entrance door is very important for your house as it is the first thing your guests see. Cobra Doors offers several types of entrance doors.

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Phantom Screens

Phantom Screens

Phantom Screens manufacture retractable screens for doors, windows, porches and patios. All Phantom Screens are covered by an industry leading limited lifetime warranty.

Phantom Quality

Phantom For Doors

For Doors - With our retractable door screens, there’s no need to worry about blocking your view— when they’re not in use they disappear out of sight, preserving the look of your doorway. Phantom’s retractable door screens include low profile tracks that are nearly invisible when not in use.

Phantom For Windows

For Windows - You won’t even notice they’re there. The window screens retract completely out of sight into their color-matched housings, maintaining the look and design of your windows.

Phantom for Porches & Patios

For Porches & Patios - Motorized retractable screens appear at the touch of a button and disappear when you don’t need them. Perfect for indoor and outdoor living spaces, these custom made and professionally installed screens give you fresh air, shade from the sun, climate control, protection from insects or a bit of privacy.

For more information on Phantom Screens, contact us today!



Quality-crafted with attention to detail, Gentek products combine outstanding beauty and strength with the luxury of a low-maintenance finish. Backed by more than 50 years of manufacturing expertise, it is our companywide commitment and never-ending ambition to produce the very best building materials - products deserving of our good name and worthy of the place you call home.

As one of the few brands to offer an extensive product line of vinyl, aluminum and steel siding and accessories, Gentek has everything you need to create an exquisite home exterior. Our handsomely crafted profiles, inviting colours and rich textures will embrace your every idea and inspiration - making your home a true reflection of your personal taste.

Visit: Gentek.ca 

Gentek Quality

Regency Windows

Regency Windows

Our Regency replacement windows expertly combine classic beauty, enduring strength and easy upkeep with maximum energy savings to achieve the ideal window system for your home. Compare Regency's powerfully built construction with other vinyl windows and you'll immediately see - and feel - the distinctive quality difference.

Regency windows are not available in British Columbia. Regency windows are available in all popular styles: Casements, Double and Single Hung, Double and Single Slider, Awning, Bay/Bow and Basement/Hopper

Regency High-Performance Windows

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Magnetite Canada

Magnetite Canada

Magnetite® was developed by Kenneth J. Foster, an energy physicist, in conjunction with the M.I.T. Innovation Center in 1978. He was eventually granted U.S. Patent No. 4473980. Mr. Foster combined the concepts of using an acrylic window, like they use on jet airplanes, and a magnetic seal, which is how your refrigerator door stays both closed and air-tight, to create the most energy-efficient window on the market. More than 37 years later, Magnetite® is still the best alternative!

Magnetite Quality

Magnetite Thermal

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Magnetite Thermal - Offers the ultimate in thermal resistance for your windows. Take a single pane window and give it better performance than if you had 4 panes of glass in its place. Best of all it still comes at a price that is less than half of what you would pay for your conventional double pane window.

Magnetite Silent

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Silent Magnetite - The ultimate in sound resistance technology. We stop the vibration and stop the noise. Acrylic vibrates 7 times less than glass and we sandwich two pieces of 3mm acrylic together; add acoustic foam to the jams of your windows and line our frames with a vibration resistant foam tape.

Magnetite Classic

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Magnetite Classic - The most affordable version of Magnetite that still offers incredible sound and thermal qualities for either your single or double pane windows.

For more information on Magnetite Windows, contact us today!

Strassburger Windows and Doors

Strassburger Windows & Doors

In 1949, Morgan Strassburger Senior started his own business with a pick-up truck and a simple idea… customers expect quality workmanship and integrity at a fair price.

It has been over sixty years since Morgan Sr. set the standards for the family business and it has earned a sterling reputation with customers, suppliers, staff and Ontario’s outstanding dealer network. 

The experience gained in that time; along with a sustained investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing systems and technology has established a solid foundation for the company as a manufacturer of premium windows and doors. Our growth to becoming a leader in Southwestern Ontario has been due to a partnership between a team of dedicated professionals at our plant and the finest window and door dealers in Ontario.

Visit: Strassburger.net 

Strassburger Quality

Authentic woodgrain with the performance of fiberglass

Strassburger MasterGrain

MasterGrain Fiberglass Entrance Systems are a premium line of fiberglass door system components featuring the most authentic wood grain replication in the door industry, developed using Nickel Vapour Deposition (NVD) technology.

These premium entrance systems feature coordinated doors and sidelines, jambs and brickmoulds. Available in Oak, Alder, Mahogany, Fir and Cherry grains.

For more information on our complete line of premium entrance door systems, download our latest brochure.

Casement Windows

Strassburger Casement Window Specs

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Improve Doors & Windows

In 1987 Phil Minuk built his first home. It was a 2500 square foot project. He found that the windows and doors were by far, the most difficult and confusing part. "I had 6 quotes and they were all over the map - different products and crazy prices ranging between $5,000 to $20,000. Being young and inexperienced, I thought I knew much more that I actually did. I went for the $5000 package for both windows and doors. Big mistake! Within a year, things started to fall apart."

"This initial experience left a marked impression on me. How was it that the doors and windows products caused such problems? Does this happen to everyone?"

"Building on over 25 years of experience I decided to focused my energy and resources by starting Improve Doors and Windows. With over 4000 window and door installations and a 99% customer satisfaction reputation, I am proud to offer expert industry knowledge, and service. It is my promise to sell only the highest quality products. Since establishing Improve Doors & Windows I have become a dealer for Strassburger Windows and Doors. Strassburger is a proud Canadian company that manufactures the highest quality of any vinyl window on the market. Offering more options then any other manufacturer, Strassburger makes it affordable to have a quality product in your home."

All Improve Doors & Window products are NAFS, CWDMA, ENERGY STAR and CSA approved. All installed products have a one year workmanship warranty.

We offer financing and easy payment plans that can be added to your monthly Enbridge Gas bill.

For replacement windows and doors, you simply can’t do better than dealing with us… Improve Doors & Windows!

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